Advanced Car Kit CK 7W - Cable set

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Cable set

The wires making up the cable harness are to be connected as per the
wiring diagram.

• Connect the black wire to the vehicle ground (GND).

• Connect the yellow wire to the MUTE connection of the car radio.

If your car radio does not have a mute connection, this line may
remain unconnected. In this case, your car radio will not be muted
automatically during a call.

An additional relay can be used to enable the car radio to be muted.
When a call is accepted, the Advanced Car Kit switches the yellow
line (MUTE) to ground, muting the car radio. When the call is ended,
the yellow line is separated from ground and the car radio is

• Connect the blue wire to the IGNS line of the car using the 1A fuse


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I n s t a l l a t i o n


Some vehicles do not come with an IGNS connection. This line is not
necessary for operation of the Advanced Car Kit; the blue wire can be
left unconnected. However, in this case, the Advanced Car Kit does
not switch off automatically when the ignition is turned off. To
prevent accidental draining of the car battery, the Advanced Car Kit
automatically switches off after two minutes unless a mobile phone
is connected over Bluetooth wireless technology or the data cable.

• Connect the red wire to the positive terminal of the 12V car battery

using the 2A fuse supplied.

The four-pin plug of the cable set is plugged into the "DC" port of the
handsfree unit.