Advanced Car Kit CK 7W - Safety information

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Safety information

The basic safety guidelines set out below are to be observed when
installing the Advanced Car Kit .


• Only qualified personnel should service the Advanced Car

Kit or install it in a vehicle. Faulty installation or service
may be dangerous and may invalidate any warranty which
may apply to the unit.

• The Advanced Car Kit may only be installed by a qualified

service technician using the approved original Nokia parts
supplied in the sales package. End users should remember
that the Advanced Car Kit comprises complex technical
equipment that requires professional installation using
special tools and expert know-how.

• Note that the instructions contained in this installation

guide are general guidelines which apply for the
installation of the Advanced Car Kit in an automobile.
However, due to the wide variety of car types and models
available on the market, this guide cannot consider the
individual technical requirements relevant for any
particular vehicle. Contact the vehicle manufacturer for
further detailed information about the vehicle in question.

• The Advanced Car Kit is suitable for use only in vehicles

with a 12 volts negative grounding. Use on other supply
voltages all alternative polarity will damage the

• Remember that modern automotive systems include on-

board computers where key vehicle parameters are stored.
Improper disconnection of the car battery may cause loss
of data, necessitating extensive effort for re-initialisation

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of the system. If you have any concerns, contact your car
dealer before any installation work is done.

• Do not wire Advanced Car Kit equipment to the high-

voltage lines of the ignition system.

• All equipment must be mounted so that it does not

interfere with the operation of the vehicle.

• Your service technician may be able to provide you with

information on alternatives for mounting the equipment
suitably in your vehicle without requiring boreholes.

• The mount for the phone holder is to be fixed to the

dashboard or to any other location in the cockpit area
where the display is clearly visible for the user but does not
impair control or operation of the vehicle. The keypad
should be within easy reach of the driver.

• Make sure not to impact the steering or braking systems or

other key systems essential for proper operation of the car
when installing Advanced Car Kit equipment. Check to
make sure that deployment of the airbag is not blocked or
impaired in any way.

• Do not smoke when working on the car. Make sure that

there is no source of fire or flame nearby.

• Take care not to cause damage to electrical cables, fuel or

brake lines or safety equipment during installation work.

• RF signals may affect improperly installed or inadequately

shielded electronic systems in motor vehicles (e.g.
electronic fuel injection systems, electronic anti-skid
braking systems, electronic speed control systems, airbag
systems). Should you note a fault or change in the
operation of such a system, contact your car dealer.

• Ensure that cables are placed so that they will not be

subjected to mechanical wear and tear (e.g. not laid under
car seats or over sharp edges).

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